Graham Hancock, Santha Faiia, Heaven's Mirror
Santha Faiia's photographic book on ancient mysteries with partner Graham Hancock

Heaven’s Mirror
Awe inspiring and enigmatic, the sacred sites and holy places of ancient man have stood mute for millennia – their secrets seemingly vanished with the civilisations that built them. Yet what mysteries would they reveal if they could speak? Is there something that connects these sites – a hidden key that will once and for all disclose the riddles of our past? What is the startling archaic connection entwining the sacred places of our world?

Evading the interpretation of generations of historians and archaeologists the true cryptic nature and purpose of these sacred centres has lain in waiting – secreted in myth and legend and encoded in the very design of the sites themselves …

Until now.

In Heaven’s Mirror best-selling author Graham Hancock continues his quest begun in the No. 1 International best-sellers Fingerprints of the Gods and Keeper of Genesis to rediscover the hidden legacy of mankind – the revelation that the cultures we term ancient were, in fact, the heirs to a far, far older forgotten civilisation, and inheritors of its archaic wisdom …

In this breathtaking work of archaeological and mythical detection, we trace the ancient web of sacred sites around the globe on a spectacular voyage, from the temples of ancient Egypt to the enigmatic statues of Easter Island, from the haunting ruins of pre-Columbian America to the splendours of Cambodia’s ancient capital, Angkor – in order to crack the code of our ancient ancestors.

Accompanied by his wife Santha Faiia – whose sumptuous photographs illuminate the quest – and exquisitely portray the wonder and beauty of the ancient sites – Graham takes the reader on a remarkable odyssey – of sunken cities, and hidden chambers, of myth and magic – and astounding archaeological revelations – which builds to a staggering conclusion forcing us to reconsider our conception of the origins of man.

Hancock’s decipherment of the secret doctrine passed down by initiates from time immemorial unearths an age-old system obsessed with the motions of the heavenly bodies … whose aim is to achieve, through arcane rituals performed in temples whose layout mirror the stars and constellations of the night-sky, … immortality.

This is more than a sequel to Fingerprints of the Gods – it is a plunge into the spirituality of the ancients – a search for the revelation of a secret …

… a secret written in the language of astronomy, and recorded in the very foundations of the holy sites of ancient man …

… a secret which speaks of a mysterious connection between earth and heaven …

… a secret which turns temples into stars and men into gods …

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