Born in Penang, Malaysia, SANTHA FAIIA is a professional photographer specialising in ancient cultures and monuments. Her work has been published around the world in major newspapers and magazines and in 1990 her photographic exhibition Ethiopian Trilogy was opened at the Royal Geographical Society London by Her Royal Highness Princess Anne.

In 1998 Faiia’s major book of photographs was published – the international bestseller Heaven’s Mirror with text by Graham Hancock. Faiia’s images from sacred sites as far afield as the temples of Angkor in Cambodia and the great pyramids of Giza in Egypt bring to life a lost world and ‘achieve the rare feat of making you feel you are there’ (Western Mail).

Faiia worked closely with Hancock on Underworld, her photographs of the many ancient underwater ruins off the coast of Japan, all around the Pacific, off Indonesia and Malaysia, off India, and in the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the Caribbean adding a whole new dimension to the text.